Monday, 26 May 2014

In Limbo....

We have currently moved out of our old apartment (bye, bye no.1) and are waiting for the keys to our new apartment, which is awfully swish and i am super excited to decorate and make it our little home. However, waiting for the keys means we are in the awful state of being stuck in limbo, meaning staying at Mike's dads for the next five days or so.

Now don't get me wrong. My other half's dad is absolutely lovely. In fact, stand them both next to each other and i feel like i am looking twenty years into the future. They are so alike, it's kind of scary.  But it's not our own place. We are guests. So i cannot simply walk around in my pyjamas or in a towel and sprawl across the sofa with a bowl of cereal and watch Netflix to my hearts content. It's safe to say i'm feeling a little bit unsettled what with being surrounded by boxes, being unable to find anything (cannot remember what i've packed in each box - whoops!) and not knowing exactly what date we can move. I am already longing for my own bed and it's only day two!

Still, it's only a week. The sun is FINALLY shining and i'm off to Sheffield's food festival this afternoon. So after that quick update/vent i shall bid you adieu. Enjoy the last day of the bank holiday weekend - i'm off to stuff my face full of yummy food!

Much love,

Katie xxx

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Life update.

It pains me to see how badly i've neglected my little, itsy-bitsy space of the internet but the past few months have been more than a little crazy.  I MOVED!

I've moved from my tiny village in the middle of nowhere to Sheffield (or what i fondly refer to it as the big but not so big city) I've been here for just over two months and i feel that i'm finally getting into the swing of things up here. I'm not going to lie, it hasn't been easy. For the first two weeks i barely left our apartment by myself; due to being a little intimidated by the hustle and bustle and the fear of getting lost but after using a lot of baby steps i feel like i'm starting to get used to life up here and i'm enjoying having everything on my doorstep. Don't get me wrong, i do still get homesick from time to time but i just remind myself that all my friends and family are only just a two and a half car journey away and i pick myself back up.

I rather quickly got myself a new job which i'm enjoying and now me and my boyfriend are planning on moving again in the next few weeks. Yes, i know, i've just moved up here but we need to and we want a little place to call ours. We love our current apartment and have our eye on one in the same block so please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us.

So this post was just to confirm that i am in fact still alive and kicking. I cannot wait till things have quietened down and i can give this blog a little attention. I'm bursting with ideas that i want to put into practice. I now shall leave you with a few photos i've taken since i've moved up here.