Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The big move up North

Morning lovelies!

Here in England (particularly the Buckinghamshire area) It is pretty much a cold, grey and wet day. Hence why i am still in my pyjamas sitting on my bed enjoying my fairy lights.

First of all i want to say; i have been a bad, bad girl! Despite having the full intention of writing a blog post every day in December i failed miserably and for that i'm sorry. In fact i have been MIA in all of January as well. So far, my blogging time-keeping has been rather appalling. I really am hoping to change that this month.

Now on to a quick update on my life over the past few months. Christmas was amazing! I think i have mentioned that Christmas is my favourite time of year so as you can imagine i definitely made the most of it. January was my last month at my job. I decided to take a month off before moving up North to Sheffield to get things organised and to spend time with family and friends, because lets face it the months are going by super quick! I also hope in February to exercise more, get back into eating more healthily and to get into more of a regular routine with this blog.

I consider this blog my little baby, and as my baby i want to nurture it with love to help it grow.

This update is super short, sorry guys! But fear not, for the rest of the day i plan on brainstorming up some ideas for future posts this month as well as fitting in my pilates hour.

Have a good tuesday guys!

Lots of love

Katie x

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