Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day Three - Walking in a Christmas wonderland…

This year my family decided that we were going to get a real Christmas tree instead of our trusty artificial one, seeing as the kittens have taken a great liking in trying to destroy the fake one. Near our village is a little Christmas tree farm that i have never actually visited until today and it was so cute and festive that i had to share a few photos with you 

I was very excited upon meeting Father Christmas' very own reindeer! This is comet. Their were five reindeer in total but Comet was the most friendly. Sadly no Rudolph, i did look out for the shiny red nose!

Santas little mini grotto instantly grabbed my eye with all the fairy lights. Sadly, he wasn't currently there (too busy helping the elves get the presents ready for Christmas i imagine) but i hear he's there on Saturdays for the children.

They also had this super cute little cabin full of Christmas decorations. It had something to suit everyone and had this old fashioned feel to it. Needless to say, if i had been there by myself i could have spent hours in there. Of course we had to buy a few new decorations for our new tree and i decided to buy my works Secret Santa present here. As well as the Reindeer, Father Christmas grotto, the cabin of Christmas goodies they also had a little area where you can sit and have a mulled wine, hot chocolate or a warm spiced apple drink. After a little exploring we then decided to have look at all the Christmas trees, they all smelt AMAZING. We didn't buy our tree there and then. Mum went to pick it up the next day whilst i was at work so it was ready for us to decorate it together when i got home. 

I'm a little sad that i hadn't noticed this little gem of a place before, especially as it was literally right outside my village but i do know now it will become a family tradition to go there every year to say hello to the reindeers, pick some new decorations, have a festive drink and pick out our tree. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! And don't forget to support your local farms. You never know, you might have a little Christmas grotto hidden away somewhere near you too :) 

Lots of love 

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