Monday, 9 December 2013

To old for a Advent Calendar? Day 6!

I believe you are never to old. In fact, some advent calendars in the past few years have been designed for us beauty/fashion lovers…

This year i got a cute Thorntons snowman advent calendar. Give me Thorntons or Lindt and i am a happy bunny. I have however seen a few rather fancy advent calendars this year which have been making me go 'oooooooo!' and i will be considering purchasing next year...

How cute is this body shop advent calendar? I adore gingerbread men and think this is so sweet. It's priced £55. I haven't really shopped in Body Shop for years but this would definitely sway me to try some of their body butters again.

Now if you know me you know i have a 'slight' obsession with Yankee candles and therefore this is one i definitely regret purchasing. This would have been my idea of heaven!!! This one is more budget friendly priced at £21.99

I used to be mad on Benefit a few years ago. My whole makeup bag with full of it. This advent calendar would definitely make me fall in love with the brand again. Am i the only one who hasn't tried their 'they're real' mascara? This one is priced £50

I have never tried any nail varnishes from this brand but have always wanted too. The bottles are so sweet and i think this advent calendar would have been the perfect way to try this brand out. This one is priced at £42.00 

Well there you have it. These four advent calendars will be on my wish list for next year, for now i will just have to keep on watching certain youtubers on Facebook open theres every day on vlogmas in envy. What's your favourite advent calendar? 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Forget Christmas jumpers… Day 5

REINDEER LEGGINGS!!! I absolutely love these. They are so cosy and warm and were only £10 in trusty Primark (Yeps, i do love a bit of Primarni!) Primark in fact have some amazing Christmas clothing this year. I always get my Christmas jumpers and pyjamas from there, though i must confess i do have my eye on this super cute Gingerbread jumper from Topshop….

I keep picking it up every time i go into Topshop and then hesitantly put it back knowing i already have too many Christmas jumpers. Maybe i will cave and buy it before Christmas. Wouldn't it be the perfect jumper to wear on Christmas day? Like it? It's £42.00

Anyway, this is a super quick post as i'm all sleepy and ready to snuggle up in bed with my kindle and peppermint tea.

Lots of love xx

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…… Day Four

Two posts in one day? No i wasn't feeling adventurous. I had merely run out of time to post yesterdays post last night due to having far too much fun decorating my Christmas tree and wrestling tinsel from the kittens. 



Doesn't it all look all pretty and cosy? I love our Christmas tree. There's definitely something special about having a real tree at Christmas. Do you have your tree up yet or do you deem it a little too early?  :) 

Lots of love 

Day Three - Walking in a Christmas wonderland…

This year my family decided that we were going to get a real Christmas tree instead of our trusty artificial one, seeing as the kittens have taken a great liking in trying to destroy the fake one. Near our village is a little Christmas tree farm that i have never actually visited until today and it was so cute and festive that i had to share a few photos with you 

I was very excited upon meeting Father Christmas' very own reindeer! This is comet. Their were five reindeer in total but Comet was the most friendly. Sadly no Rudolph, i did look out for the shiny red nose!

Santas little mini grotto instantly grabbed my eye with all the fairy lights. Sadly, he wasn't currently there (too busy helping the elves get the presents ready for Christmas i imagine) but i hear he's there on Saturdays for the children.

They also had this super cute little cabin full of Christmas decorations. It had something to suit everyone and had this old fashioned feel to it. Needless to say, if i had been there by myself i could have spent hours in there. Of course we had to buy a few new decorations for our new tree and i decided to buy my works Secret Santa present here. As well as the Reindeer, Father Christmas grotto, the cabin of Christmas goodies they also had a little area where you can sit and have a mulled wine, hot chocolate or a warm spiced apple drink. After a little exploring we then decided to have look at all the Christmas trees, they all smelt AMAZING. We didn't buy our tree there and then. Mum went to pick it up the next day whilst i was at work so it was ready for us to decorate it together when i got home. 

I'm a little sad that i hadn't noticed this little gem of a place before, especially as it was literally right outside my village but i do know now it will become a family tradition to go there every year to say hello to the reindeers, pick some new decorations, have a festive drink and pick out our tree. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! And don't forget to support your local farms. You never know, you might have a little Christmas grotto hidden away somewhere near you too :) 

Lots of love 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Blogmas Day 2 - Christmas shopping

It's eleven in the morning and i'm still in my pyjamas. Though i have finally risen from bed after watching 'World War Z' on my macbook (good film, probably shouldn't have watched it on my own as i am now tiptoeing around the house incase their is a zombie lurking around the corner…)

Now it's the second of December and i have already completed my Christmas shopping. Well, ok, i have to pick up a few little bits and bobs i have ordered but the most of it is already wrapped and under the tree.

Haven't i been an organised little elf? I guess there is a first for everything!

Now i take great joy in selecting what i believe is to be the perfect present for each person i buy for. I know everyone tends to say this but i REALLY do get much more joy and happiness out of giving than receiving (of course i do like receiving presents…i'm still a child at heart!)  I tend to write my list of who i am buying for early November and come up with some creative/unique gift ideas by searching online or roaming the shops.

Online shopping is so much easier if you, like some of my friends, cannot stand the crowds around this time of year. I tend to do a bit of both as i love shopping this time of year with all the christmas displays, fairy lights and music. It just gets me all super excited and i walk around with a stupid grin on my face. Yeps, even the crowds do not bother me. I'm that annoying person in the queue who is over cheerful and singing along to the music.

Today i thought i'd share with you some of my favourite websites i have used this year for my loved ones. is a amazing website of handmade original/unique gifts. I tend to always look here for present inspiration before anywhere else. is probably slightly more pricer but do some lovely personalised and original gifts. Now we all know that most of the men in our lives are a nightmare to shop for. This website has been a absolute lifesaver for me this year. Plus, there is something for all budgets.

Check them out and see what you think! I guarantee if nothing else they will give you some brilliant gift inspiration.

I know it's not very Christmassy but i am now going to continue my zombie marathon with the film 'Warm bodies'

I hope you are all having a nice Monday and please comment below with your favourite websites for gift ideas :)

Lots of love xx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

                              As Slade once said; "IT'S CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSS!"
                                          (Image taken from the guardian website)

Well, not quite but it is the first of December which means it is now socially acceptable to be mega excited for Christmas and all things Christmassy. I, however, have been dishing out the Christmas spirit for well over two weeks already much to the dismay of my friends, family and poor boyfriend. What can i say? I LOVE Christmas. 

Which brings me to the point of this post. When i came to the decision to start this blog i had planned to update it at least twice a week but alas, what with work and personal life my little space on the web has become somewhat neglected. To push myself into more of a blogging routine, i have decided to participate in Blogmas! Which means i will be attempting to blog every day throughout the whole of December. Yes, i know. You're probably thinking, 'Yeah, that's not going to happen' but have some faith my lovelies! I am going to do my very best! 

So on that note i'm going to end this short post. I will be back tomorrow with a Christmassy related post. 

Lots of love! 

- Katie x